I Can’t Let Go Of The Past!

This post isn’t for everyone. I’m an extremely open person and there may be some things which not everyone will want to read here about my past etc. But if you are struggling with letting go of the past – the people you have slept with, things you have done, and things that have happened to you that have left you broken – This post is for you.

I want to expose my nakedness in this post in the hope that it will encourage anyone who may be feeling broken.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Good afternoon, I hope you are well. I’m not going to waste any time today and I want to get straight into the subject of this post – “I’m not good enough”. Have you ever felt like that, or had similar thoughts?

During my Christian walk there have been many times when I have not only thought this, but really believed it deep down inside my heart. It was that belief that lead me to think many other negative things and truly regard myself in that light. There are times I have thought I’m not good enough, not only that I’m not good enough for myself, but not good enough for anyone. Not good enough to be a wife, not good enough to be a mother in a family, not good enough to be successful, simply not good enough.

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Tired, beaten down & defeated – GET UP!

Good Morning, Afternoon or evening depending on where you may be in the world. I truly hope this new post finds you well. Without wasting time I want to go straight to the point and topic of today’s post – Tired, beaten down & defeated – GET UP!

You may be sitting there thinking easier said than done, or your situation is unlike any other. You may have totally given up altogether and your energy may be completely spent and drained. So the question becomes how in the world do I just ‘get-up’?

Well I want to start by saying that you are not the first person to feel this way and neither will you be the last. So many different things can cause us to give up. The loss of a loved one, broken friendships or relationships, seemingly unending trials. But know that God will truly never leave or forsake you. Some of the greatest people in the Bible endured great trials, during which at times some of them felt totally defeated.

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From Prostitute To Lover – From Adulterer To Wife

It’s been awhile, but now I have your attention I will start by saying good afternoon, & I sincerely hope this post finds you well. I have chosen a very strong title for today’s post, but believe me; this is a lot less about shock value and more about truth.

So today I want to look at trials & tribulations; hard times we go through in our Christian walk and their meanings & purposes. Now for the past few months believe it or not I have been going through some serious trials. This is with everything from family to friends and even with my business. For me when this happens, I retreat and everything stops. Almost like I can’t function, I become confused; I doubt God, I can feel sorry for myself, I can take things out on those around me, I become extremely depressed, I disappear – that means no church, no office, no phone, no twitter or facebook – nothing.

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The Broken Hearted Break Hearts – There Is Healing In Christ Jesus

Good Evening once again, I hope this message finds you well. Today I want to write about people (myself included) who are emotionally broken or hurting & how this can effect not only them, but those around them. Without wasting time I will go straight to the point, people with broken hearts break hearts. This is a concept which may seem strange to those who cannot relate, but if you can, know you are not alone & I hope these words will offer comfort to you as we go through this journey we call life.

Last night my mother & I were driving home with a close family friend who too has been broken hearted & experienced the challenges being abused & broken bring when you try to pick up the pieces of your life. This woman knows me very well & is one of the few people I can speak to without holding back (I thank God for her life), & we began to discuss women. Not in general, but specific to those who are broken, beaten down in spirit & left without hope. We began to discuss how God heals us, but also how difficult the process can be. For me to explain fully where I am coming from I am going to have to tell you a little bit about my past and discuss in detail the relationship I have with my mother.

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Broken Hearted

Salutations & greetings where ever you are in the world, I hope this message finds you well & hope you will be blessed by it.

It’s taken me a long time to write my first post. When I started I knew what I wanted to accomplish by writing publicly, but was unsure how to go about it, but I know I am now ready & Christ will be my strength. As I write this I am still very much broken hearted and in a process of healing and restoration many Christians go through on the road to salvation.

Over the years as I have tried to move towards the righteousness of Christ, I have struggled to find fellow Christians to talk to about my past or areas where I have found the most challenges & difficulties. I hate to “think” or “suppose” where the matters of Christ are concerned, but in this one instance I will. In my experience I have found people really don’t like to be open about who they are and where they are coming from, but if you don’t know or hide where you are coming from, how can you know where you are going?

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