He Does Not Accuse You Jesus

I Know What Is Right, I Want To Do What Is Right, But I Keep Falling!

A few weeks ago I had a dream and I saw myself walking along a road in a sort of field and to my right there were some people (I would say two or three), and they were talking about me. I don’t know quite how to put it but they were talking about my work for Christ, my writing and ministering to others. I felt a feeling of contentment whilst this was happening and then I heard “she still thinks it’s by works”. All in all, this dream lasted no more than 5-10 seconds it was more of a scene than complete revelation.

Now because I was really tired and the dream was so short I thought it to be my mind, but I still made a mental note of it. I had no idea how relevant it actually was!

What I didn’t realise was I was about to have a mini breakdown the very next week. It began when my eyes were opened to a weakness in me. When this happened I began to feel condemned and like a hypocrite. How can I minister to another person or write when I still haven’t dealt with this issue I have?

That’s where my trouble began. When this happens to me I can’t minister to others, my prayer life falls and bible study suffers and it’s no mystery that the conclusion is I feel distant from God.

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I Can’t Let Go Of The Past!

This post isn’t for everyone. I’m an extremely open person and there may be some things which not everyone will want to read here about my past etc. But if you are struggling with letting go of the past – the people you have slept with, things you have done, and things that have happened to you that have left you broken – This post is for you.

I want to expose my nakedness in this post in the hope that it will encourage anyone who may be feeling broken.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Good afternoon, I hope you are well. I’m not going to waste any time today and I want to get straight into the subject of this post – “I’m not good enough”. Have you ever felt like that, or had similar thoughts?

During my Christian walk there have been many times when I have not only thought this, but really believed it deep down inside my heart. It was that belief that lead me to think many other negative things and truly regard myself in that light. There are times I have thought I’m not good enough, not only that I’m not good enough for myself, but not good enough for anyone. Not good enough to be a wife, not good enough to be a mother in a family, not good enough to be successful, simply not good enough.

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Here’s Looking At You – Learning To Love Yourself

me1So this is me, the pretty & the ugly all of it. The whole purpose of my writing is to firstly glorify Christ, but I want to be as transparent with people as I possibly can be. I want Christ to be seen in my weaknesses as well as my strengths so that He may truly be glorified by my works.

If you have ever read any of my post you will by now be aware of some of the personal issues and struggles I have faced and still battle with day to day. Today’s post is focused on loving yourself & this is something I have only recently decided to make a conscious effort to start doing. Now for me loving myself is a struggle, not so much because I am incapable of loving, but more because I only began to value myself when I found Christ. It was through my relationship with Him and learning that I was precious to Him, that I became aware that I in-fact hated myself (a kingdom against itself cannot stand). When I began to search inwardly I found a mash of emotions; shame, hate, anger, resentment and a whole lot of pain. Now this is where it gets tricky, you may ask who was I harbouring these emotions towards and the answer quite simply is MYSELF.

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Love Yourself The Way Christ Loves You…


Always do you, don’t hide behind a public image and lose yourself, because in the end that’s the one person you can’t run or hide from.

God has created each of us with a purpose & has a plan for our lives. Sometimes it can be hard to see yourself as you really are. I spent years with a skewed perception of myself and it took a while for me to be able to look into a mirror and not despise the person I saw looking back at me. Christ heals all wounds and you have been beautifully created and not without purpose or reason. Look at yourself in the mirror and begin to see yourself for the beautiful person you are inside and out. There is hope and a future in Christ…

All my love until next time.