Looking For Love In The Wrong Places – Addicted

John 8 vs 36

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

I spent so many years looking for comfort and joy in the wrong places, looking for love in the arms of a guy who had no love for me, looking for warmth in the bottom of a bottle, in a rolled up joint, or in a line of cocaine. Yet all these excesses did nothing, brought no peace and increased the brokenness I harboured within.

It was like a viscous cycle – “no one loves you or ever will so why change” – “I’ve already messed up my life so why stop now”. The more I depended on these things, the more lost I became – and the more lost I became the more I needed these things.

I will tell you straight up, I believed these lies so much, that even after I found Christ I couldn’t stop. I knew of Christ, but I didn’t really know Him. He could help people, but not me – I’m too gone, I keep falling so why would he dwell with me. You know what even in that He never forsook me. In fact it was His faithfulness that enable me to finally let go of all these things.

The love Christ showed me – once I stopped rejecting it and started accepting it, completely broke the stronghold those things had over my life. I started looking at the issues and not masking it. I let go, placed my broken heart in Gods hands and allowed Him to begin a true healing process.

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